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    “Breathe, because breath is vital to a healthy body and mind. Rest, to take advantage of the miracle of your regeneration and because you deserve a little down time. Live, because work is not everything and play is so important. My vision with Breath Rest Live, is to bring to bodywork the personal communication and connection that promotes a closer relationship with your body. My role, is to not only help your body remember what relaxed is, but to educate and support you in your ongoing process of good habits and better living.”

                                                                                     - Mathew Abeyta
                                                                                        Certified Massage Therapist / Founder


mission statement:

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a little about me:
"From the time I was a small child I had began learning of the body through art. I had not the foresight to see that I would use it for anything other than drawing. As a carpenter I learned, I loved to use my hands. As a network administrator I was able to talk to anyone about technical information. Today, my focus is you. From the challenges that life puts on our path, to what you are doing in your everyday, your body holds it. 15 years ago, my goal was to bridge the gap between relaxing and structural work. I feel I have succeeded. Weather you need focused intent on a specific area or the space to separate the mind from the body, I understand and am happy to facilitate your needs. My work is based on the anatomy. Everything is relative to what you are doing or dealing with. Most importantly, I encourage any questions about you I may be able to answer. Giving insight on how your symptoms came to be is the first step in making good habits to yield a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to helping, sharing, and growing with you. CHEERS!!"    - Matt